The 'new' Champions Hockey League launched at General Assembly
The new brand aims to put the Champions Hockey League at the centre of European hockey (Photo: TwelfthMan)

The new Champions Hockey League Brand strategy was presented at today's General Assembly in Prague. 

The CHL's fourth General Assembly took place today in the Czech capital. The 33 shareholders (26 clubs, 6 leagues and the IIHF) were the first to experience the ‘new Champions Hockey League’, which was given it's official presentation. With the introduction of the new competition format for the new season,  the league also decided to move its brand strategy to the next level. 

"Our goal is to deliver Europe’s most exciting hockey competition and to provide its stars the greatest platform on which to perform." Martin Baumann (CHL CEO)

In developing the new brand, the CHL worked together with Infront Sports & Media, creative director WesWer Design and branding agency TwelfthMan. CHL CEO Martin Baumann explains the ongoing project to deliver the league's true potential: “Despite crowning the European champions each season, we felt that the Champions Hockey League was often considered less important than domestic leagues, with fans unaware of the strength of competition and quality of the players in the CHL. With our new brand strategy, we want to change the face of European hockey, with the aim of attracting more fans, growing commercial opportunities and providing a fresh perspective on the competition."

"We now celebrate and promote the unique style of the European game." Mark Pidgeon (Creative Director, TwelfthMan)

“The new brand engages fans at every opportunity, inspiring the players and the clubs with the CHL’s professionalism and ambition, and telling diehard supporters that the Champions Hockey League just got better. It is also convincing a new generation this is where hockey is at. We are creating a culture that truly believes in and works towards this vision. We are reshaping perceptions, demonstrating the CHL’s values and setting high and unique standards”, Mark Pidgeon, Creative Director of TwelfthMan says. “The brand is authentic and real and speaks to the fans, rather than trying to imitate a North American aesthetic. The CHL now owns the word Champions in the world of hockey and this reinforces the quality of the competition. The new brand proposition leads the promotional activity, motivating teams, players and fans and inspiring the next generation with a universal never-say-die attitude that transcends the game.”