Yannic Seidenberg receives suspension

Yannic Seidenberg (#36) of Red Bull Munich, time 33:50, was involved in an incident deemed by the on-ice officials as Checking to the Head or Neck (IIHF Rule 124). The video evidence was sent to the CHL Player Safety Committee (PSC), which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline - Category 2 – ‘Reckless’.

According to the Arbitrator and having considered the video evidence and ruling of the CHL PSC, player Yannic Seidenberg (#36) of Red Bull Munich will receive supplementary discipline under IIHF Rule 124 – Checking to the Head or Neck.

From the perspective of the CHL Sports Board, Seidenberg made contact to the head of the opposing player, causing an apparent injury. As the video shows, with the opposing player cutting into the high slot, Seidenberg altered his skating lane from an approach in the direction of his defending net to an approach towards the neutral zone for the purpose of making a body check. Seidenberg has the right and ability to make a legal check on a puck carrier coming through the slot area, with a scoring opportunity. What Seidenberg can’t do and the reason for supplementary discipline, is remove his bottom hand (left arm) from his stick, extend it up and out and make direct head contact with the opposing players head. It was deemed minimal to know body-to-body contact and primarily head contact. Was also considered that Seidenberg’s approach was from the opposing player's top hand side, which is an unsuspecting side. With an unsuspecting side approach, the onus is on Seidenberg to make body-to-body contact and avoid head contact.

The head contact is deemed avoidable and recklessly endangering, causing an apparent injury. The CHL Sports Board suspends Yannic Seidenberg (#36) of Red Bull Munich for 3 games, effective immediately.

Key Points:

  1. Contact to head of opposing player
  2. Head contact avoidable
  3. Recklessly endangering
  4. Not a repeat offender

Next game Yannic Seidenberg (#36) of Red Bull Munich can play: to be determined.