Benjamin Marshall receives suspension

Benjamin Marshall (#32) of HC 05 Banská Bystrica, time 58:01, was involved in an incident deemed as Checking to the Head or Neck (IIHF Rule 124). The video evidence was sent to the CHL Player Safety Committee (PSC), which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline - Category 2 – ‘Reckless’.

According to the Arbitrator and having considered the video evidence and ruling of the CHL PSC, player Benjamin Marshall (#32) of HC 05 Banská Bystrica will receive supplementary discipline under rule 124 – Checking to the Head or Neck.

From the perspective of the CHL Sports Board, Benjamin Marshall (#32) made contact to the opposing player’s head causing an apparent injury. As the video shows, Benjamin Marshall reads the opposing player coming out of the corner with the puck.  As the opposing player is skating to the slot area, Benjamin Marshall takes an approach that creates a head on approach to make the check.  The check was delivered in a manner that directed his left shoulder to make direct and the principal point of contact directly on the head of the opposing player. 

Head contact as the main point is considered avoidable.  Benjamin Marshall is deemed responsible for the head contact, especially considering there is 2:00 mins remaining in a 5-0 game.  The body check, which is supposed to be to separate the puck from the puck carrier – it is deemed Benjamin Marshall made an effort with no regard for the puck and instead checked excessively in a manner to separate the puck carrier from the game.

The CHL Sports Board suspends Benjamin Marshall (#32) of HC 05 Banská Bystrica for 3 games, effective immediately.

Key Points:

  1. Opposing player head is principal point of contact
  2. Considered avoidable
  3. No regard for the puck
  4. Not a repeat offender