POS = Position / PTS = Points / F = Founding League / Weighted Total (explanation follows below) 

Calculation of CHL League Ranking

The league ranking system determines the number of participants per league prior to each CHL season. Teams from each league are awarded points for their performance in any CHL season. With each stage of the competition bonus points are rewarded to the teams as well. The total number of points achieved by all teams from one league is divided by the number of games played by the teams of this respective league. The result thereof will then determine the leagues’ CHL ranking for any particular CHL season. For the 2019/20 season the results of the previous four seasons will be taken into account. The most recent season’s result will be weighed 100% while the previous seasons are weighted with 75%, 50% and 25% respectively. Points for each season are rounded to the nearest whole number (Example: 50% of 65 points rounded to nearest whole number is 33). The total value over four seasons is a sum of rounded values for each season.

Explanation of CHL League Ranking